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Smits Law Office L.L.C. provides legal representation focusing on the areas of family law, criminal law and civil litigation. Ms. Smits' experience provides clients with a careful, thoughtful plan tailored to their individual legal needs. She believes that each case and every client is unique.

Appearing in court is very stressful and can be extremely emotional, especially in family court. Decisions made in family court are decisions that will likely impact the lives of you and your children for years to come. Let an experienced St. Paul divorce and family law attorney help you make the best decisions possible for you and your children.

If your situation must be resolved in criminal court, Ms. Smits will fight to obtain the best outcome possible. Let her shield you from the full force of the criminal justice system and fight to minimize your exposure to the potentially devastating consequences of a criminal conviction.

The hallmark of legal representation is communication. Ms. Smits believes in returning telephone calls and email inquiries promptly, and prides herself on being available to her clients. If you need a skilled lawyer, contact the firm as soon as possible.

If you have a legal dilemma, contact Smits Law Office L.L.C. to schedule a free 30-minute consultation. The firm can be reached at 651-252-1745 or by completing an online contact form.


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